Becoming an Eco-Conscious Fleet

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Eco-awareness has recently become very important. Environmental concerns have grown from scientific and political discussions to everyday concerns about the products we buy and decisions we make. Companies from every corner now offer “green” options and partner with organizations to raise money for environmental causes.

Your company may not be in a position or have a desire to join the eco-conscious movement, but you can still become more eco-friendly. Read through the following 4 reasons GPS units can make your fleet eco-conscious.

1. Less idling

Idling creates pollution in the air and can be bad for the engine. When drivers leave their vehicles running as they duck into a convenience store or wait at a jobsite, they increase the amount of pollution they create. GPS units allow managers to see the amount of idling time each driver incurs while using their vehicles and can tell them if the driver needs to be coached in avoiding excess idle time.

2. Less breakdowns

We know the monetary costs of vehicle breakdowns, but we don’t often consider the environmental costs. When your vehicles stop working as they should, the environment can be affected, too. Tracking units give an alert when repairs or maintenance are needed and can help prevent environmental damage from vehicle inefficiency.

3. Less speeding

Quick acceleration burns more fuel than a slow build and speeding wastes more gas than moderate speeds. Our fuel is derived directly from the Earth’s resources and every gallon we waste is another gallon taken from our environment. Track your drivers’ driving and speeding habits with a GPS unit. Use the info you gather to determine the need for driver training and cut back on the fuel your company uses.

4. Less driving

No, your GPS unit can’t beam you from one location to another, but it can help you find the best routes. Your unit can give drivers real-time traffic updates and routing info to get them to their jobs on time and with less mileage.

Lessen your company’s carbon footprint with these easy differences. They will save your company money and make it better for the environment. What is there to lose?

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