A Look at the Geotab GO9: GPS Tracking at Its Best

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We’ve made no secret of our love and support for Geotab’s fleet tracking devices. From high-quality products to capabilities that truly support effective management, Geotab offers the best fleet solutions.

Geotab recently debuted the GO9, the latest version of their vehicle tracking device. With a several exciting updates, we wanted to show you the benefits it can offer. We use Geotab’s products in both our work and personal vehicles, so we truly believe in the features they provide.

To see how your fleet can also benefit from the tracking data Geotab provides, explore some of the many benefits offered by the GO9 below.

1. Reliable insight and actionable data

As a next-generation GPS vehicle tracking device, the GO9 offers endless fleet insights. Monitor your vehicle diagnostics, driver behavior, accident data, routing, and more. With a comprehensive, near-real-time look into each vehicle’s data, you can better manage and improve your fleet. Built with more RAM and memory, the GO9 can gather large amounts of data at once, enhancing your view of each vehicle and driver. With greater processing speed, you can always rely on your device to record the data you need — no matter what’s going on.

2. Comprehensive accident detection

Geotab added a gyroscope to its existing accelerometer, giving you a detailed understanding of any accident events through your GO9. With this gyroscope, a device used to determine positioning and navigation, your device can track every movement during a crash. Added to the speed and braking information gathered by the accelerometer, you gain a 3D view of the accident’s events. With this data, you can build an accurate forensic model of any crash for insurance and training purposes.

3. Total ease of use

Like previous Geotab GO devices, the GO9 offers a user-friendly device that eliminates many of the frustrations of data tracking. Simple Plug & Play technology; automatic, over-the-air updates; expanded functionality through IOX expanders; and more create a total solution for your telematics needs. The GO9 also offers a new GNSS module, increasing the number of satellites your device can use to detect vehicle location. These expanded connections then increase the speed and accuracy of your GPS tracking. Plus, when used with the cloud-based MyGeotab tracking software, the device offers everything you need to manage your fleet at the tips of your fingers.

From functionality to reliability, the Geotab GO9 offers everything needed to improve performance, safety, and understanding throughout your fleet. Discover these benefits and more for your own fleet by adding the GO9 to your management tools.

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