5 Tips to Save Money with LED Lights

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Lighting is one of the most important vehicle components. Without lights, drivers would be unable to see obstacles and other vehicles in the dark and driving at night or during bad weather would be nearly impossible.

For fleet vehicles, especially large trucks, good lighting is essential for smooth business operations. Fortunately, maintaining your fleet lighting doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Use the tips we’ve included below to get the full lifetime of use from your vehicle LED lights.

1. Buy quality

If you want a light that will last long, you have to choose a product that is built to withstand time and damage. The lights we sell are all made by trusted brands. When buying your lights, read through the product information we include with each product. This will help you choose the best light for your vehicles.

2. Check the voltage

Your trucks and vehicles have a specific operating voltage that must be compatible with the lights you use. If you use a light with different voltage, the light won’t perform as it should and may burn out too quickly or give off weak light. Find your vehicle’s voltage requirements before buying your lights and avoid the hassle of purchasing the wrong product.

3. Lubricate sockets

The best way to prevent corrosion and moisture damage is to use dielectric grease to lubricate terminals, sockets, and any associated electrical connections. This protection will allow your lights to function better and should be applied before installing new lights. It should also be checked periodically to make sure the grease hasn’t dried up. Don’t over-grease your sockets, however, as this can interfere with the connection and affect functionality.

4. Protect wires

If you have issues with your lights, tread carefully while troubleshooting. Electrical wires can easily become damaged if exposed to water or left unprotected. Take care to avoid piercing the wires and causing corrosion. You’ll end up doing far more damage than good and will likely have to pay to fix your mess.

5. Know the warranty

Many of our products include 2 or 3 year warranties, but like most warranties, they don’t cover everything. Take the time to carefully read your warranty for what is and isn’t allowed. Unauthorized adjustments and repairs will likely void your warranty and leave you with a mess if you make an error. Your warranty will also tell you who to contact when your light breaks. Use this information to get your replacement and avoid overly long maintenance downtime.

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