5 Reasons to Get an In-Vehicle Laptop/Tablet Mount

by May 9, 2016Fleet Management0 comments

Our cars are getting smarter, but they’re still not smart enough. For companies with fleet vehicles, in-vehicle technology is still lacking the progress they need. With the high pace of today’s work world, many companies need to complete their reports and work orders on the go. Unfortunately, laptops and tablets are unwieldy in the car and require too much attention for on-the-go use.

Thankfully, RAM Mounts has the perfect solution. Vehicle mounts for your smartphone, tablet, and/or laptop can revolutionize your mobile work.

Not convinced? Here are five reasons they can help:

1. Secure your device

Tired of trying to balance your mobile device while in the car? RAM Mounts has a selection of customizable locking docks you can use to secure and protect your device. If you want a more permanent solution, they also offer keyed locking tablet mounts, pin lock knobs, and other accessories that help deter theft while permanently connecting your device to your vehicle.

2. Increase productivity

On-the-go work has never been easier with these mounts. Give your employees the ability to submit paperwork without having to return to the office. Watch productivity soar as they can move from site to site without interruption.

3. Accessorize

RAM Mounts aren’t limited to supporting your devices. Add peripherals and accessories through extra ball mounts that allow you to include other devices to your laptop trays. This can help you cut back on the number of devices you have in your vehicle, while also increasing your productivity.

4. Get connected

Whether your business is big or small, you can always benefit from vehicle mounts. Let your employees access the company info they need when on the road and give yourself the ability to keep tabs on operations when out of the office. These mounts can also help small-business service providers with their billing and information needs while in the car.

5. Entertainment for passengers

RAM Mounts can be repositioned and adjusted for the viewing needs of your passengers, too. Entertain your passengers with videos and laptop access while you focus on driving.

To begin improving your fleet, order your own RAM Mount today.

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