5 GPS Tracking Benefits

by Sep 4, 2017Fleet Management, GPS Tracking, Telematics

Fleet GPS tracking is no longer an option, it’s a necessity. Our technology-driven world and the requirements from new and upcoming legislation make telematics essential for every fleet. Tracking locations, monitoring driver performance, and recording engine diagnostics are all possible through new telematics technology, opening the door to numerous benefits for any fleet.

If you are considering adding telematics to your fleet or already use this technology, these are some of the GPS tracking benefits available to you.

1. Optimize efficiency

With telematics capabilities, you can reduce the amount of time, money, and effort you and your drivers spend on everyday tasks. You can reduce downtime by keeping track of your vehicles’ diagnostics and improving scheduling efficiency. With GPS routing, you can keep your vehicles on the best routes and avoid delays caused by traffic, road work, and accidents. Decreasing overall idling time and keeping up with regular maintenance can help you reduce your operating costs. When your vehicles and operations are running smoothly, you can also improve efficiency through the rest of your business.

2. Improve record keeping

Electronic recording is quickly replacing paper records, one of the facets of the upcoming Electronic Logging Device Mandate. While electronic recording is required for compliance, it offers several additional benefits. Your records are easier to track, easier to find, and take up less room than rows of filing cabinets. Many devices offer automatic recording for some data, which improves accuracy.

3. Protect assets

Your fleet is an expensive and vital part of your company. With GPS tracking, you can keep your vehicles in their best shape and protect them from theft and overuse. Fleet GPS tracking doesn’t prevent car theft, but location tracking can help the authorities find your assets more quickly. Use and engine diagnostics can also prevent improper employee use, protecting the vehicle’s integrity and life.

4. Improve customer service

Late shipments can easily anger and inconvenience your loyal customers. With fleet GPS tracking, you can ensure your vehicles arrive on time and offer real-time tracking for your customers. When they can see an accurate arrival time, you will be able to cement the trust your customers have in your business and customer service.

5. Reduce insurance costs

Because of the benefits offered by fleet GPS tracking, many insurance companies now offer reduced rates for vehicles equipped with telematics units. To see if your fleet qualifies, contact your insurance agent.

Have you benefited from GPS tracking?

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