4 Ways to Save Money on Fuel in 2022

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In just one year, the average price of gas in the U.S. has increased by $0.90 per gallon. Oil prices will be further stressed by the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, so experts predict fuel costs will continue rising in the near future.

Some even believe that averages may reach $6.50 to $7.00 per gallon this year.

Given these prices, it’s more important than ever to minimize the amount of fuel your fleet consumes. 

4 ways to save money on fuel in 2022

1. Use the best routes

You can’t always control the amount of driving your workers have to do, but you can optimize their routes. Several factors affect how much fuel your drivers need to get to their destinations, including traffic, time of day, distance, terrain, and more.

For the most fuel-efficient routes, equip each vehicle with a telematics device that offers smart routing. These tools work in real-time, adjusting the route as needed to maximize your efficiency. They also record your vehicles’ locations so you can make sure that drivers aren’t taking expensive, unauthorized trips.

2. Cut down on idle time

If your vehicle’s engine is running, it’s consuming fuel. Drivers that idle in the vehicle while making calls, warming the cab, or waiting at the jobsite waste money needlessly. Train your fleet to shut the vehicle off if they will be sitting for longer than 10 seconds. Along with saving fuel, this may improve productivity by preventing unnecessary downtime in the vehicle.

3. Prevent aggressive driving behaviors

Drivers that accelerate quickly and brake harshly consume more fuel than more cautious drivers. Install a telematics solution to monitor the dangerous behaviors your drivers use. Schedule training sessions to address these issues and explain the dangers they create. You can also use in-vehicle coaching tools to remind your drivers to slow down and drive more calmly. As your fleet safety improves, your fuel consumption will too.

4. Find the best prices

Overpaying for fuel is the last thing you want to do right now. Train your drivers to start looking for a gas station before they desperately need fuel. Rather than pulling into the nearest option, they will have time to compare prices. You can also use apps that find the best prices in the area to ensure you pay as little as possible.

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