4 Tips for Summer Driving Safety

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Compared to icy winter conditions, summertime driving is often a breeze.

Though you aren’t battling snow, these hot months have their own dangers. In this blog, we’ll walk you through the best ways to prepare your vehicles and drivers for safe summer driving.

4 tips for summer fleet safety

1. Watch your tires

As air heats, it expands. That means that the pressure in your tires will rise with the thermometer. If your tires are overinflated, or even underinflated, these changes can put extra stress on them. 

Make sure your drivers are testing tire pressure before heading out each day. You should also check spares regularly. Every vehicle must include the tools your drivers need to change a tire safely. You should also make sure each driver knows the safest ways to change a tire on the side of a busy road.

2. Keep up with maintenance

Protect your drivers from the summer heat by regularly checking each vehicle’s maintenance health. If the air conditioning fails, your drivers’ health may be stressed by the heat. It will also make for a very uncomfortable drive. 

Keeping up with maintenance also prevents breakdowns. You don’t want to leave drivers stranded in the heat, so use telematics and best practices to keep your vehicles in excellent shape.

3. Monitor the weather

There are several types of severe weather that are common during the summer. Tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, and even hurricanes can threaten your drivers’ safety. Make sure your dispatch team is paying attention to the weather that may affect your drivers. You can also train your drivers to check the forecast before leaving any site.

It is also a good idea to add severe weather responses to your training. Teach drivers to pull off the road to wait out a storm. Offer a step-by-step plan for tornado safety. Equip your drivers to protect themselves during the worst conditions.

4. Drive carefully

Summer vacations often require travel, so your drivers may encounter more traffic during the summer. Reinforce the importance of safe and defensive driving. You can use telematics to track each driver’s performance and ensure safe behaviors. Your drivers have the most control over their safety, so make sure they are driving as they should.

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