4 Benefits of Project Management for GPS Installs

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Project management is often the only thing preventing projects from becoming disasters. Without it, projects take longer, cost more, and involve far too many headaches.

In our decades of GPS installations, we’ve experienced the many frustrations of poor project management. Missing parts, locked gates, and even missing vehicles are all too common for fleet work.

But they don’t have to be.

In this blog, we want to show you why project management is essential to any GPS install or fleet project. Murphy’s Law aside, your projects don’t have to go wrong. You just have to have the right tools in place.

4 Benefits of Project Management for GPS Installs

1. Saving money

Whenever logistical problems delay a project, your business pays the price. Often, for example, the parts and tools we need are missing, delayed, or sitting at the wrong location. To keep the project on schedule, the client then has to replace the parts. They might be available locally, but companies often have to expedite new shipments at a high cost.

Delays also create significant unaccounted-for expenses. You may have to pay a contractor for the additional time. If the delay affects any other operations, you may also see losses in revenue. 

Using a project management service ensures everything arrives on-time and in the right place. Barring unforeseen and uncontrollable problems, your project manager can help you avoid unnecessary costs and delays.

2. Maintaining quality

Most large fleet projects involve a large number of people, both in-house and outsourced. You might not have the time to monitor every phase, but a project manager does. No matter the size or complexity, they can track and stay up-to-date on every milestone. By maintaining constant communication and attention, project managers ensure quality through every part of the project. They can also help you keep track of any problems, preventing cut corners and forgotten steps.

3. Negotiating conflicts

Not every project runs smoothly. If there is a conflict or dispute with a vendor, your project manager has the information and experience to resolve it. You won’t need to dig through files or try to determine who has the email with the relevant details. Instead, your service will keep track of communication and requirements to protect your company and assets from start to finish.

4. Managing logistics

All too often, projects fail or get delayed due to disorganization. Project management ensures someone is checking every box. From scheduling work to ordering parts, managers stay on top of things for you. You can keep projects on track and free of simple errors, optimizing costs and outcomes.

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