3 Ways to Improve Fleet Driver Safety

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Driving a company vehicle is different than driving a personal vehicle, no matter how similar it feels. As a fleet manager, it’s your job to make sure your drivers use better, safety driving practices whenever they represent your company on the road.

While there are many ways to improve fleet driver safety, driver training and monitoring are often the most effective. To ensure your drivers always drive in a way that protects themselves and others on the road, use the tips we’ve included below.

1. Train your drivers

Every driver has had different driver training. Some may have taken courses, but most were taught by parents and relatives who also had little training. Though your drivers may have a solid understanding of safe driving, it’s important to make sure everyone is on the same page. By creating a driver training program, you can evaluate and correct driving behaviors. You know how you want your company to be represented on the road, so explain these standards to your fleet. This training allows you to teach safe driving behaviors and proper road etiquette, helping you avoid a bad reputation and costly accidents.

2. Monitor fleet activity

Finding and correcting problems is the best way to avoid dangerous incidents. By installing GPS and driver tracking telematics in your vehicles, you can closely monitor your fleet’s activity. Your devices will alert you to problems such as speeding, tailgating, harsh braking, aggressive driving, and more. As you determine who drives dangerously and the behaviors that need addressing, you can carefully tailor your training program. You’ll be able to tighten fleet safety and keep an eye out for other dangerous problems in the future.

3. Maintain constant, total awareness

To effectively protect your drivers, you need to know what’s happening at all times. Your telematics devices should have GPS tracking capabilities, allowing you to find your drivers in an instant. In the event of an accident, this feature helps emergency services find drivers quickly and efficiently. Using other resources, such as a dash cam, can also give you the data you need to understand each incident and develop a plan for avoiding similar accidents in the future. The more accurate your fleet management, the safer your drivers will be.

How do you improve fleet safety?

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