3 Reasons Why Santa Relies on Telematics

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Happy Holidays!

We all know how important telematics is for business fleets, but they aren’t the only ones that can benefit from this solution. 

Santa may rely more on reindeer power than horsepower, but he can’t get around the world in one night alone. Instead, he needs the visibility and control that comes with a fleet telematics solution.

How Santa uses telematics to deliver his gifts

1. Routing

Santa has to visit millions of homes to deliver his gifts — and all in one night. As he travels around the world, he needs a reliable way to get to each home successfully. More importantly, he needs to make sure that he’s taking the fastest route. His telematics device guides him across the globe, directing his reindeer to every child’s home. If he encounters an unexpected plane or migratory traffic jam, his telematics will find the best alternative. On a night when speed and efficiency are critical, his telematics is the only solution.

2. Tracking

What would happen if Santa lost track of the houses he’d visited? Would he visit a home twice or, worse, forget to deliver the gifts the family is waiting for? With a telematics solutions, his elves can review the locations he’s visited. They can use real-time GPS tracking to see where Santa is going and where he’s been. This up-to-date visibility ensures that every boy and girl will receive the toys they’ve asked for this holiday season.

It also allows children to track Santa’s progress as he journeys around the world. With the help of the Santa Tracker, kids can watch with excitement as he gets closer to their cities and homes.

3. Control

There are billions of children on earth, so the North Pole has to run a tight ship to reach them all. Telematics gives the elves an easy way to monitor Santa’s progress. If there are any breakdowns or delays, they can move quickly to help. By keeping a close eye on the reindeer, they can easily nip any dangerous behaviors in the bud. Safety and speed will keep the sleigh on schedule this Christmas Eve.

All kidding aside, telematics can improve every fleet and operation. From increasing driver safety to keeping your jobs on schedule, a GPS tracking solution is the tool your fleet needs.

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