3 Reasons to Install Your ELDs Today

by Oct 30, 2017Electronic Logging, Hours of Service

The Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Mandate deadline is less than two months away. On December 18, companies that haven’t installed ELDs in their fleets will face fines, operating authority suspensions, and the possibility of going out of service. The deadline falls in the busiest season of the year for trucking, so these consequences could have devastating effects.

If you haven’t already purchased and installed ELDs in your fleet vehicles, your window of opportunity is nearly closed. Congress recently voted down a bill that would extend the ELD Mandate deadline, so there is little chance that the mandate won’t go into effect in December. If you are still hesitant to comply with the ELD Mandate, here are 3 reasons to install your ELDs today.

1. Last-minute rush

Companies that have delayed compliance will be faced with a serious choice in the weeks before December 18. Installers and suppliers are expecting a last-minute wave of orders, so waiting until the deadline could mean trouble for your company. To make sure you can get your devices installed and running in time, reach out to your supplier and installer today. While the timing may be tight, you can make sure that your fleet is ready to operate under the new rules when they go into effect.

2. Training

Many ELD devices are easy to understand and use, but you will still need to train your drivers in their use. Like most fleet-wide training programs, you’ll need several weeks to train your employees on ELD use. Along with drivers, your maintenance, safety, and dispatch teams need to understand and use your new devices. Most importantly, your drivers need to know how to provide data from your ELDs during enforcement spot checks. Failure to operate the ELD correctly can result in a violation, so make sure your employees are prepared for the technology change.

3. Consequences

If you are expecting a lenient grace period for ELD compliance, think again. Fleets have had two years to prepare for this change, so enforcement will likely be strict and increased during the first few months of 2018. Your company’s operations, licensing, and well-being will be significantly impacted by ELD violations, so take the time and effort to comply now. As frustrated and annoyed as you may be about the ELD Mandate now, the consequences of non-compliance will be worse in the long run.

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