3 Benefits of Using Telematics in School Buses

by Aug 6, 2018Telematics

Across the country, schools are preparing to reopen their halls and classrooms to a new group of students. With the start of the school year, thousands of school buses join daily traffic, carrying the lives and well-being of their young passengers with them. As with every other fleet vehicle, using telematics has the ability to improve safety and efficiency for every school bus on the road. Already, schools are using tracking devices to improve the costs of running their buses and the routes they take. And, as technology continues to advance, telematics will become even more important and common in school buses across the nation. To learn more about school bus telematics and the benefits they offer, read below.

1. Routing

For school buses, optimized routing is vital for maintaining school schedules and student safety. For each student waiting at every bus stop, delays mean more time exposed to bad weather and increased vulnerability to potential dangers. With telematics, drivers gain access to the best routes, no matter the traffic on the roads they take. Better routes mean fewer delays, keeping students safe while they wait for the bus and maintaining daily school schedules.

2. Safety

With GPS tracking, schools can keep better track of their buses and drivers. In emergency situations, this close location tracking can instantly provide the location of each bus and provide the information needed for quick assistance. Many telematics devices also offer vehicle diagnostic monitoring. This feature can catch maintenance issues before they grow into bigger problems, preventing accidents and keeping each bus in top shape. Most important, telematics can track driver behaviors, allowing schools to monitor the safety of each driver. By tracking braking, speeding, routing, and more, student safety can remain a priority.

3. Cost

School buses drive countless miles every year, putting significant wear on the vehicles and demanding high costs in fuel. By implementing telematics devices in school buses, schools can create regular maintenance schedules that prevent costly repairs and replacements. With improved routing and the elimination of unnecessary idling, they can also minimize fuel costs. Fuel prices are on the rise, so every mile and dollar saved can have significant benefits to school districts and taxpayers alike.

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