3 Benefits of Trailer Temperature Tracking Telematics

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Refrigerated trailers, also known as reefer trailers, are essential for our society. These vehicles are the only way to transport perishable items, such as food and medicines, across long distances. 

Since these goods require specific, consistent temperatures, fleets need the ability to track them at all times. That’s where GPS tracking and telematics comes into play.

With a telematics solution, you can ensure your fleet is meeting regulations and operating as it should.

3 benefits of trailer temperature tracking telematics

1. Stay in compliance

If the goods you’re transporting don’t maintain safe temperatures throughout the journey, you run the risk of damaging or spoiling them. Ruined products not only waste money, they put the end users at risk. Numerous regulations, including the U.S. Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), are in place to protect anyone that consumes the products you are carrying.

As the company in charge of moving these items, you are responsible for anything that happens to them in transit. Using a telematics solution enables you to remotely monitor trailer temperatures at all times. If something goes wrong, you can quickly address it. You’ll always be in compliance, protecting future users and yourself.

2. Increase operational efficiency

Even when you keep them at the right temperature, some goods have a short shelf life. Getting these loads to their destination quickly is imperative.

A GPS tracking system offers real-time updates on the traffic conditions ahead. You can trust that your drivers always take the best, quickest routes. If an accident or weather conditions affect travel times, you can quickly adjust the route to minimize the time spent on the road.

3. Reduce costs

When using a telematics solution for your reefer trailers, there are many ways to save. Most importantly, you can keep an eye on the trailer temperatures for your full fleet. If any trailers show issues or fluctuating temperatures, you can quickly resolve the problems before any of the goods are affected. 

Setting automated reminders for your maintenance schedules is another benefit. You will never miss another maintenance event, ensuring your vehicles are always running at their best. And, if there is an issue with your trailers, you can find and fix them before they become more severe problems.

Reefer trailer temperature tracking is essential for any successful fleet. How does your telematics solution benefit your fleet?

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