3 Benefits of GPS Tracking for School Buses

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GPS tracking for school buses helps protect school children and gives parents peace of mind. Accurate time tracking can prevent children from waiting for a late bus in bad weather or help administration protect students from improper vehicle operation. Team TSI has installed GPS units in thousands of school buses, which has given us a firsthand look at the benefits and need for school bus tracking.

We’ve included three benefits of GPS tracking for school buses below. Read through them and share with parents and your local school board to help protect your children.

1. Safety

When buses are stuck in traffic or delayed by a mechanical problem, parents are left to worry at the bus stop. With tracking, schools can monitor buses for problems and give parents an ETA for their students. If something is wrong, authorities can use GPS information to find the missing bus quickly. Management receives alerts when buses move, when the stop signs are used, and when doors open. This keeps bus drivers accountable to following protocol and keeping children safe.

2. Reduced costs

GPS tracking can help save a significant amount of money on fuel costs. These units help drivers plan the best routes, depending on the day’s traffic and construction. Management software tracks idle time, detours, and speeding, allowing administration to step in and implement training and penalties for better driver performance. GPS tracking is considered an anti-theft device by many insurance companies, which can help save on insurance premiums. As awareness of school bus tracking grows, some developers have produced apps that allow parents to see exactly when their bus arrives at the stop. These apps often have an access fee of $20 or more, which provides additional income for the school.

3. Driver accountability

GPS tracking monitors the location and operation of all buses in the management system. Any driver infractions, accidents, or incidents involving the bus can be verified through the system. When bus drivers are reported for driving under the influence or putting students in danger, their buses can be tracked through the GPS unit. Tracking also helps fleet managers maintain vehicle maintenance and manage the daily schedule.

For more information on installing GPS tracking units in school buses, call Team TSI at 866-2WIRE-IT.

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