Making Telematics Installs Your 2019 Resolution

by Jan 7, 2019GPS Tracking0 comments

Brand new gym memberships. Fridges full of fresh produce. “New Year, New You.”

The start of the year is often filled with cliches, but it’s also an ideal time to make new goals and implement fleet improvements.

Over the last few decades, telematics have revolutionized the fleet industry. From tracking vehicle locations to monitoring driver behavior, vehicle electronics have improved management, safety, and efficiency of fleets nationwide.

As 2019 dawns, consider making telematics and GPS installs your New Year’s resolution. As you can see in the benefits listed below, these devices can improve your operations and budget all year long.

1. Lower costs

As you begin the year with a fresh budget, your telematics devices can help you maintain your bottom line. With your GPS devices, your drivers can always take the best routes, cutting down on unnecessary travel and time spent idling in traffic. Maintenance reminders will help you keep vehicles in their best shape, avoiding costly repairs and frustrating downtime. From large savings to small, unnoticed reductions in costs, telematics devices can offer an ROI that continues to grow year after year.

2. Improve safety

Your drivers are your top priority. Though you can’t control everything your employees do, you can utilize your telematics to encourage safe driving. Many options, such as Geotab’s GO8, offer in-vehicle driver coaching. With features that improve awareness, limit distractions, and record events, you can improve driving behaviors and overall performance. These devices also offer the ability to record accidents and incidents, protecting your drivers and company from fraudulent claims and potential liability.

3. Prepare for the future

With the implementation of the ELD Mandate’s second phase last year, our industry began to see the results of digital tracking legislation. Though this rule doesn’t apply to every fleet, it is just the beginning of similar requirements for fleets throughout the U.S. By installing GPS and telematics devices now, you can prepare your fleet for any changes and requirements in the future. Using fleet telematics is a process that involves preparing and training for these changes, so adding this technology to your fleet in 2019 can make all difference moving forward.

What goals have you set for your fleet in 2019?

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