TSI Formenator

On February 17, 2011, Team TSI announced an industry first, the TSI Formenator. This is the first Android application geared towards the mobile fleet installation business.

The application is built on the widely used Android platform and is designed to assist all Team TSI installation technicians and partners with updating vehicle and job related information from any Droid powered Smartphone while completing field installations for Team TSI. This free app is available to all partner installers in the Team TSI family. This app will allow the upload of the vehicle's identification number, tag #, truck number, On Board Diagnostics (OBD) info, input and output connections, wire color codes, required installation photos, unit serial numbers, Electronic Serial Numbers (ESN), test codes, customer signature and other order details. This information is then available real-time in the TSI Tracker database for our dispatch department,  vendors, partners and customers to access for reporting and project management purposes.

By leveraging technology Team TSI can offer all of our customers a better installation experience.

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