Management Team

Craig Finlay – CEO

A competitor at heart, Craig enjoys the daily operations of satisfying customer's needs and solving their problems. One of his favorite sayings is "Make me a problem and let me solve it." This has been a very successful part of our company's philosophy. Craig has more than 30 years of experience in the installation business. He started as an installer and now he is the CEO. He relates well with his team members at all levels and has been in the same situation as all of them. It takes hard work and a persistent attitude to achieve this.

"I love the process of building a business that is based on solid principles. Team TSI was formed to give the manufacturers and customers the quality installation, service and support that the industry was missing. We are here to offer a World Class customer service."

Craig believes that finding time for the family is of great importance to him and his team members. He has a large family consisting of his wife Yvette and six daughters and knows how important family time is. He also believes in success and puts much of his focus on seeing that others achieve it. "The reward of seeing team members succeed and grow, as well as the smile on their faces when the company succeeds makes it all worthwhile."

Most importantly, Craig realizes his life as a husband, father, teacher, friend and business owner is to bring honor and glory to the Lord God in Heaven.

Scott Dimond – Inventory and Asset Management, Project Management, Logistics

Scott has been with Team TSI for over 4 years in various roles. He currently manages all aspects of warehouse logistics, shipping, asset management, subcontractor relations as well as assisting in Project Management as needed. He also handles all company social media presence, website SEO and posts to the TSI Wire blog. “I just handle whatever they need me to handle,” he says.

Scott has been involved in management at a variety of levels for over 14 years. He enjoys the day to day challenges of helping to lead and guide a corporation such as Team TSI especially due to their family oriented approach. His ability to multi-task, attention to detail and drive to get the job done make him a valuable part of the Team TSI family.


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